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Leigh Ann Spellman
Spectrum and Contracts Manager

Nebraska native Leigh Ann Spellman was owner and CEO of Gryphon Wireless for 10 years. She joined SpeedConnect in January 2012 with SpeedConnect’s acquisition of the company. Spellman earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for the University of Nebraska, and has more than 15 years in the industry.

As Spectrum and Contracts Manager, Spellman manages, negotiates and facilitates purchasing, leasing and new acquisitions for towers and spectrum across SpeedConnect markets, including good practices and relationships with all tower and spectrum partners. Spellman also oversees and monitors compliance with all FCC and agency filings and regulations, broadband mapping, office and infrastructure lease and purchase contracts, and administers the digital data room and personal property tax updates and compliance in all SpeedConnect service areas.

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