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In its relatively short history, the Internet has become nearly indispensable —a necessity few of us could imagine doing without. Its uses are varied—entertainment, information, connecting with others—but are increasingly essential. More and more often, the world is brought to our homes and businesses by the connections we are able to make on the Internet.

From its inception, SpeedConnect has focused not only on bringing Internet connectivity to communities, business and customers, but to offer the latest technology, the fastest technology—high-speed, high-capacity wireless Internet.

Our SpeedConnect customers, both rural and urban alike, will have access to a premium broadband connection that is designed to support the usage demands of the modern day Internet consumer, including online movie subscriptions, gaming and other online video streaming services.

SpeedConnect introduces our new
SouthWestern affiliate

CommSPEED provides wireless broadband services that enable fast, simple and reliable communications, anytime and anywhere within their coverage area.


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