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30-Day, No-Risk Guarantee
SpeedConnect High-Speed Internet, Television and Telephone - Our Guarantee

SpeedConnect will take the risk, you take 30 days.
If you're not satisfied, we'll take it all back:

If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of your activation date, all money paid to SpeedConnect will be refunded once the equipment is picked up and/or returned to SpeedConnect.

Your bill will be processed and sent during the 30-Day, No-Risk Guarantee period, with the appropriate monthly service charges applied to your statement.

If you paid by check or with an electronic ACH transaction from a checking or savings account, SpeedConnect will issue a refund check (may take 14 business days to process after equipment is picked up and/or collected).

If you paid by credit or debit card, SpeedConnect will refund the money to the card immediately upon return of the equipment.

If you have outdoor equipment, a SpeedConnect technician will be scheduled to collect the equipment.

If you have an indoor unit, it is your responsibility to return the unit to SpeedConnect, or to one of our authorized sales partners.

Any prorated monthly services fees, activation or installation one-time charges will be collected by SpeedConnect on the date of activation.

All bills must be paid in full by the due date to avoid late fee charges during the 30-Day, No-Risk Guarantee time period. Does not imply 30 days of free service.

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