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Double check the server name and user name when having trouble transferring files to the server.


1. Web Page Setup
2. How to Create a Web Page
3. Uploading with FTP to your Web Page


1. Web Page Setup

speedconnect.name users:
Host Name/Server Address: www.speedconnect.name
Username/User ID: your username (without "speedconnect.name")
Place all website files in the main directory
Label your homepage "default.html"
Your URL is "www.speedconnect.name/username"


2. How to Create a Web Page

Each SpeedConnect user has an account on the
or www.speedconnect.name server.

Here is an example that illustrates the location of a user web page:
    Username = your username

Address of web page = http://www.speedconnect.com/username or http://www.speedconnect.name/username

The file default.html is your home page. This file must be present in the root directory or your site will not work properly. So, for example, when people go to:

What they see is actually:
where "default.html" is the file located at username/default.html


3. Uploading with FTP to your Web Page

Once you have created your web pages and are ready to transfer them to the SpeedConnect web server, you can use an FTP client such as WS_FTP to complete the transfer.

  1. Open your FTP client.
  2. Enter www.speedconnect.com (or www.speedconnect.name) for "Host Name."
  3. Choose Automatic Detect for "Host Type."
  4. Enter your username for "User ID," and your password for "password. "
  5. Click on Connect to connect to the SpeedConnect FTP Server.

Once connected, you will end up in your root directory on the SpeedConnect web server. The left side of the screen shows the contents of your computer; the right side is the contents of the SpeedConnect web server.

It is important that you place all of your web page files in the root directory. Remember that your home page must be titled "default.html." To change directories, double click on the directory you want to enter.

Most FTP programs transfer files by clicking on arrows that point in either direction.

You can view your web page while you make updates by viewing:
(or http://www.speedconnect.name/yourusername)
(For domains use http://www.yourdomain.com)

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