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Refer-A-Friend to SpeedConnect

You refer them, we reward you!

Refer your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers to SpeedConnect and when they sign up* we’ll issue a $5000 credit to your SpeedConnect account– for each one!

Please provide your name, your friend's name, email and phone number so we can get in touch. Thank you!

Please input the following information:

Your Name *
Your Phone *
Your Email *
Friend's Name *
Friend's Phone *
Friend's Email *

Fields marked * are required

* Requires active customer, two year agreement. Both accounts must be in good standing. Other restrictions apply.

You will receive your Refer-A-Friend credit(s) within 30 days after all criteria and qualifications have been fulfilled. Both accounts must be in good standing. Current customers who are not in good standing and dealers are not eligible. Call: 866-297-2900 for more details.


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