June 1, 2011


Tony Lounsberry

Tami Garvin
For SpeedConnect


SpeedConnect Adds New Tower,
Increased Capacity in Wilton

Wireless Broadband Provider Continues Iowa Investment


North Liberty, IA – SpeedConnect, a premium wireless broadband provider designed to support higher usage demands, said today it has added a new service tower near Wilton, Iowa. This expansion project complements an existing service coverage area that includes Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Vinton, Marion, Anamosa, Williamsburg, North Liberty, much of the Quad Cities, as well as communities close to these areas. SpeedConnect has also just added a new service tower near West Branch, Iowa.

The new site, with antennas up 800 feet on the tower near Wilton will increase capacity and boost coverage, providing 7 Mbs service in the Wilton area and surrounding twenty mile radius of the tower. The site was officially available to provide service in this coverage area on May 11, 2011, according to SpeedConnect’s Iowa General Manager Tony Lounsberry. “We’re building the best streaming Internet experience we can deliver to our customers,” said Lounsberry. “We will continue to excel in service and enhance our network in Iowa.”

Dan Jackson, resident of Wilton and new SpeedConnect customer said, "The service is absolutely phenomenal. I'm amazed that SpeedConnect is able to consistently deliver speeds at 7Mbs with virtually no lag time in rural Wilton."

Well-established in Michigan but new to Iowa, SpeedConnect has spent the last six months investing more than $450,000.00 to upgrade and improve the technology supporting the existing Iowa base, and preparing for further expansion of service availability.

About SpeedConnect
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