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SpeedConnect Nebraska

About SpeedConnect Nebraska

SpeedConnect High-Speed Broadband came to Nebraska in March of 2012, with the successful launch and free upgrade of its premium broadband network. Customers in Kearney, Gibbon and surrounding communities benefited from SpeedConnect’s immediate investment in backhaul technologies, additional wireless broadband sectors, new cell towers to improve coverage, and the addition of bandwidth capacity to wholesale Internet connections.

Nebraska SpeedConnect offers some of the most advanced technology available with a mission focused on speed and maximizing bandwidth to provide an uninterrupted streaming Internet experience.

Dedicated to exceeding broadband Internet expectations, SpeedConnect plans further speed enhancements and advanced network upgrades and expansion in Nebraska in the immediate future.

SpeedConnect Nebraska Office

2715 2nd Avenue
Suite C
Kearney, NE 68847
Phone: 308-224-2001(extension 184)

Hours: Monday – Friday
Hours: 9:00 – 5:30 Central Standard Time

Sales: 866-297-2900 option 4, extension 609
Customer Support: 866-297-2900 option 2
Email: support@speedconnect.com

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