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We wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July

In honor of our veterans and service members, SpeedConnect offices will be closed on Monday, July 4th. Let us thank and remember those who have sacrificed to defend our liberty and our rights. We wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July. Enjoy your celebrations, your families and your friends! Offices will reopen on Tuesday, July 5th at 7 am, Eastern.

A Solution Looking for A Problem

Fiber to the home, (FTTH), the supposed “Holy Grail” of wireline internet providers as well as excessive, unnecessary government spending, is a solution looking for a problem. Also called “fiber to the premises”(FTTP), it is the installation and use of extruded glass optical fiber strands from a central point directly to residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide high-speed internet access. Driven mostly by popular media, it falls into the category of “over promise and

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Project Upgrade Arizona Plan

Our Project Upgrade Arizona Plan includes: Installation of state-of-the-art LTE 5G technology for your home. LTE technology will increase reliability of your Internet connection and increase download speeds in excess of 50 Mbps. For current customers, we will upgrade your current technology to LTE at no charge when available. Network-wide technology upgrades to increase the reliability of your connection Increased staffing of technicians available for next-day service if you should need it Affordable, all-on-one-bill service

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SpeedConnect Launches Backup Internet Service

Business Continuity Services Ensures Connectivity During Outages SpeedConnect, a premium wireless internet broadband provider, announced that it has launched “Business Continuity Services,” a wireless, secure, “safety net” internet connection for business and commercial accounts. SpeedConnect’s CEO John Ogren said, “Most Fortune 500 companies, most banks, hospitals and government offices require an alternative internet backup connection, because for most industries and commerce today, the internet is critical. But the truth is, most smaller- to mid-size businesses

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Programming Rights

Programming rights will become the next monopolistic play of the large telecommunications carriers. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, DISH and Charter will use their control over the programming they carry to keep its availability from smaller ISPs. As more and more video delivery moves to data, this will become a lock they will use to try to keep customers on their overpriced and older technologies. An over-the-top (OTT) application is any app or service that provides a

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SpeedConnect Announces Acquisition of Sioux Valley Wireless

April 4, 2016 SpeedConnect Announces Acquisition of Sioux Valley Wireless Sioux Falls, SD – SpeedConnect, a premium wireless Internet broadband provider, announced today it has acquired Sioux Valley Wireless in Colman, South Dakota. The new market areas that have been served by Sioux Valley Wireless cover much of SE South Dakota from Brookings in the north to Yankton and parts of Nebraska in the south. SpeedConnect’s founder and CEO John Ogren said South Dakota customers

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With great pleasure we announce, Sioux Valley Wireless is now SpeedConnect!

SpeedConnect has been a local Internet service provider for Sioux Falls since May of 2012. We’re very pleased to offer service from SE South Dakota from Brookings in the north to Yankton and parts of Nebraska in the south. We’ve already begun investing in your network and service! South Dakota customers will benefit from premium, advancing technology, aggressively competitive pricing and whole-home Internet and entertainment plans – all with a local store, customer service and

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The Buzz About Millennials

There is so much buzz today about employing millennials. This is a millennial: A young person who wants to earn a good living, raise a family, get ahead in life, enjoy proactive hobbies, practice their religion, protect their health and that of their family, and enjoy and live a long and free life. I’m sorry, but what is new here? This is the American dream, and millennials hold it with all of the conviction and vigor

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership is called a style that is inspiring, visionary, dynamic in its embrace of constant change, and supportive in relating to others. As an entrepreneur and a life-long “tech guy,” it’s a leadership style that is rather natural for me. In a practical sense, for me, transformational is expressed by these characteristics (among others): Challenge the status quo. Always learning and encouraging others to explore new ways of doing things. Support and encouragement of

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