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Home Internet Service

High-Speed Premium Wireless Internet Service for residential customers is available in several markets with plans that fit you. SpeedConnect’s technology is keeping ahead of the bandwidth curve with new, upgraded networks, more robust connectivity and faster speeds for the best uninterrupted, un-buffered streaming internet. Watch movies and videos, game in real time, stream your internet experience the way you want it, when you want it! more

LTEXtreme Internet

SpeedConnect's LTEXtreme Internet offers speeds up to 50 Mbps! LTE broadband internet is the latest and the fastest technology available. Watch movies and videos, game in real time, listen to music and catch up with friends on social media with a streaming-fast connection. *Currently only available in Iowa and Illinois sign-up here to receive notification when LTEXtreme is available in your area.  more

Home Television Service

Add DISH TV for state-of-the-art satellite TV and video services to expand your premium, best quality home entertainment experience. Featured: America’s Everything DISH TV package includes HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, Nick Jr, the Disney Channel, FX, ESPN, Fox Soccer Channel & NFL & MLB Network.(330+ channels and free locals) It’s the complete entertainment package.. more

Home Telephone Service

Add phone service and get a seamless, easy, all-on-one-bill technology system for your home or office. Effective October 1, 2016 the basic rate for telephone service will be $10.00/month + applicable taxes and 911 fees. SpeedConnect Wireless Internet, Television and Telephone is now proudly serving customers in Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Texas and Arizona. more

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LTEXtreme Powered by SpeedConnect

Dish Authorized

SpeedConnect Anywhere

SC Anywhere is High-Speed Satellite Internet offered in Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota.  Find the Right Plan For You
Enjoy more of what you love to do online: social media, video clips, movies and more with a high-speed satellite connection from SpeedConnect Anywhere. No matter which plan you want (5, 10, 15 or 20gb/month), you’ll enjoy the convenience of satellite service. The network can reach to rural locations not covered by cable, DSL or other wireless options. more

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HighSpeed Satellite Internet


Business Internet Service

SpeedConnect Premium Wireless Business Internet Service is a fast, secure, and stable network with high capacity.  SpeedConnect can serve as your IT Partners and develops an infrastructure based on your enterprise.  SpeedConnect offers range of business and technology tools to keep you connected with success including voice/calling solutions. more  

Plans & Pricing

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