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SpeedConnect High-Speed Internet Offers Discount for Individuals Over 62
62+Connection Program

SpeedConnect, a premium wireless internet broadband provider, announced today that we will offer a 10% discount on high-speed internet service to those over 62 years of age in all markets in which we offer service. The initiative, called “62+Connection” provides 10% off their internet bill per month.

SpeedConnect’s founder and CEO John Ogren said the discount will provide very affordable service for adults over 62. “High-speed internet can have a great impact for these beloved individuals and their families, with the expanding demand for broadband and its bandwidth advantages,” said Ogren. “We are eager to support those over 62 with easy access, easy-to-use and advanced technology to keep connected in a rapidly changing world.”

Ogren said SpeedConnect has invested for years in the individuals and communities we serve, including scholarships for high school students, municipal service in underserved, rural communities, complimentary service to non-profit organizations benefiting the community, educational service awards for low income students in college and a U.S. military veterans discount program called, “Connect-a-Hero.”


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SpeedConnect serves customers with wireless broadband internet, DISH TV and telephone service in Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, Texas and Arizona. SpeedConnect owns and uses FCC-licensed 2.5 GHz EBS and BRS spectrum and technology. Parent LLC SpeedConnect is a Michigan Limited Liability Corporation, and is principally owned by Robert G. Liggett and John A. Ogren. Please visit speedconnect.com.

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