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Dan in Iowa
I love your service! I have the LTE service in Iowa and it’s better than cable. I can stream, play video games, and then some. Just wanted to let you know your service is great.

Business Customer in Mayer, Arizona
I would like to recognize your tech for his exemplary customer service while on the phone today. His communication skills were very clear and precise as he explained the various steps that were taken during the troubleshooting stages of his work. He was polite, and demonstrated excellent product knowledge and clearly explained his questions.

Marilyn in Montana
I just had my service installed and the technician was very courteous, helpful and I was very happy with his customer service. We just had new siding put on and he hid all the wires – you can’t even tell they are there! Good job!

Lee from Texas:
Your technician was very efficient and professional, and in a friendly, informal manner explained his diagnosis and hardware remedies. Try not to lose him as a technician – give him a raise if needs be. I also told him he could stop any time he’s out this way — just for a friendly visit, coffee, or a snack. He represents SpeedConnect in a fine manner.

Arizona Customers Frank and Vicky
Our installation was a breath of fresh air! The tech was very patient, answered all of our questions, he was honest and was looking out for what was best for us.

Helen from Kearney, NE

I was amazed at how pleasant everyone was. I contacted SpeedConnect for a new installation and they were there the next day.

I have been telling everyone who is looking for a new service provider. The price is right, the service is excellent, the employees are very pleasant and accommodating (Marci in customer service and Eric, installer). I had been contacting other service providers in the area and they were not helpful or were going to take a week or so to be able to come to my home to hook us up. I actually had another service provider scheduled to come to my home and not only did they not show up (after I had taken 1/2 day off work) they didn’t even bother to call and let me know they weren’t coming.

Service call follow up: Service is 10 times better, thanks to Jake!

A customer in Idaho Falls said this on a follow up call: She wanted everyone to know that the technician Jake did an amazing job, was very polite, helpful and knowledgeable, and her service is 10 times better now!

Rural customer – from spotty to WOW

A customer called from a very rural area who has always had spotty service, no matter which Internet service provider she used. She works from home and relies on the Internet for her business, so spotty connections have always been a problem. She is now on SpeedConnect’s LTEXtreme network and she had this to say:

In 16 years, I’ve never had it this good! I stuck with SpeedConnect because they were the best option, but also because they are truly a service organization. Everyone I’ve worked with has been professional and awesome. I’m so glad I stayed because with this new network, everything is loading immediately and the whole family is on! We usually had to fight over using the Internet one at a time, but no there is no buffer – we’ve never had that before – and I have 14 tabs open at once! I’ve checked Facebook, eBay, watched a video – everything I wanted!

Pam from Blue Grass, Iowa

He treated my house like it was his

Richard from Great Falls wanted to let us know how great of a job Dave did when he was installed:

“Dave took the time to be thorough,walk me through was he was doing, and treated my house like it was his. He even hooked up my router and answered a few questions for me, which I know he didn’t have to do. Dave is top-notch, and I look forward to dealing with SpeedConnect, because of Dave.”

New Customer from South Dakota

New customer Cameron said that SpeedConnect’s field service tech Celso was really great, friendly and very focused on customer service!!

Iowa City Iowa Customer

I am writing to compliment your employee, Todd, in Iowa City, IA. He has been working with my elderly mother to get SpeedConnect Internet service in her nursing home. It has not gone well. Due to technical difficulties that have nothing to do with SpeedConnect service, my mother has had poor Internet service.

Todd went above and beyond to help my elderly mother get the Internet service she relies on. When you get to the point of being in a nursing home, you have lost pretty much everything. The ability to get on the Internet is my mother’s last comfort, and Todd was crucial in making that happen.

Todd is a problem solving genius, and I will highly recommend your company to everyone based on his efforts for my mother.


Prescott, AZ customer letter:

I am writing to let you know how appreciative I am in regards to the recent service request I received from your team members.

During the past few months, I’ve been having trouble with the signal used for my Internet service, as well as email issues.

On Thursday, I stopped by the SpeedConnect office in Prescott Valley and spoke to Brandon. Brandon explained there had been a glitch connected with an upgrade and that it had been corrected. He then reviewed my account and suggested a tech team member check my home Internet to check on the signal. He scheduled a service call for the next day.

That next day, Friday, a service tech named Chris came to my residence, checked on the system and then replaced some components to help improve my Internet. Chris did not rush through the job, but took time to ensure that my system was improved and that I was satisfied with it before he left.

I wish to thank both Brandon and Chris for their professionalism and concern in helping a customer resolve an issue.

From Charles in Prescott

A+ rating from a business customer in Idaho

From a customer email:

I wanted to let you know that the service is working excellently! Also, Mike was great at the install and I wanted to let you know about his professionalism and aptitude. Overall, I’d rate my experience with SpeedConnect an A+.

Thanks so much!

Rural connectivity

I live in the country, so my options for Internet service are very limited. SpeedConnect has been my Internet provider for several years, as long as they have been in the area. They have provided me with reliable service. That being said, it has not been without an issue every once in a while, but let me tell you that the technical support team is top notch.

I contacted them recently with an intermittent connectivity issue. In a very professional and polite manner we worked through the troubleshooting process, and because of the complexity of the problem the tech didn’t hesitate to involve his peers in the office. They determined that a tech needed to come to the house, which they scheduled for the next day, the issue was resolved and I was back in business.

Thanks to all at SpeedConnect.

Gratitude for great work

Ed called and wanted to express his gratitude to the great work everyone in sales and support did to get his service working. He especially wanted to thank SpeedConnect tech Mike who spent a considerable time working at his home last night.
Back to school work

Nicole called in to compliment the service she received in Iowa. Her service was down Thursday and needed a truck roll. SpeedConnect worked hard and pulled it ahead to the next day. She was able to get back online early Friday and get back to her school work, and says it has been working great since the field tech, Dan, fixed it up.

Just installed, very happy

Rosalie was installed just two days ago. She said that service and support rep Duane was very nice and helpful and that she is very happy with service.
From Michigan, Kathy and Charlie say, awesome job!

We want to thank your staff for their courteous service this past week in putting up the 4G modem and then fixing it when it failed. We have been with your company for a long time, and haven’t had any problems, but you never know what kind of service you will get. Please let Nate, Adam, Mark, Jason and Tiffany know we appreciate how we were treated.

Thanks again Kathy & Charlie

A thank you from the Home & Garden Show

A customer came to SpeedConnect’s booth at the Home & Garden show. She had been having issues with service and needed to set up service call, but wanted to let us know that Shelah and Felix are a delight to work with! She said that the amazing customer service she’s received from them has had a huge impact on continuing service with us.

Idaho customer wishes he had switched long ago!

This Idaho Falls customer just called in to say he’s upset that he has not switched to SpeedConnect until just recently, and has paid another ISP so much money over the last four years for horrible service. He said SpeedConnect service is 100 times better than theirs!

He is very appreciative of how well the customer sales team took care of him, getting an account set up. He said that SpeedConnect’s tech Jake had a professional attitude and appearance in his home, and was amazing in explaining our services to him.

Alice and Harold will recommend SpeedConnect to anyone who will listen!

I wanted to tell you myself, that when my husband told me he was getting us connected to your company, I was not excited about it, as we have had problems with every provider for years promising high-speed Internet.

Well, I am impressed. I work at home often and have not been able to because of the constant time out and slowness of what I thought was a computer problem.

I want you to know that Harold and I will recommend SpeedConnect to anyone that will listen.

I will also pass the information along to my co-workers.

Arizona Customer – Amazed and Thankful!

I’m amazed that you have 24-7 customer support service. I didn’t have to figure out what time it was in Michigan compared to our time here in Arizona.

I am also thankful that I don’t have to change my email address, because I would have had to notify a lot of people and businesses of change!
Michigan couldn’t be happier

From our new customer: Couldn’t be happier with my install. The SpeedConnect tech, Joe, was here early just as I requested. He did a great job and was very helpful in suggesting the best way to install the equipment. Looking forward to a good two years with SpeedConnect.

Fantastic things to hear.

Idaho: Give him a raise!

Our customer Deanna had to compliment how great Jason is! She said he came out to do her service call and he was very polite and professional. She just loved the service! She also stated that he deserves a raise!

Missoula, Montana says, You should be very pleased to have them on your team!

Brand new customer Cheryl was just installed on Monday. She called in today to say that field technicians Brad and Shane were AWESOME!

In her words, “They were very professional, nice, informative, and knew exactly what they were doing. You should be very pleased to have them on your team!”

In Iowa, We are VERY happy!

Our customer Craig wanted to compliment our service, saying his service is working the best it ever has and that tech Todd was AWESOME! Craig said “I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful Todd was. He was very patient and knowledgeable, and fixed some issues we have been struggling with for a long time. We are VERY happy!”

Great job, Todd!

Inside help and outside help in Michigan

SpeedConnect customer Judi called in on January 2nd and worked with our support specialist Chuck, who she said he was an absolute pleasure and did all he could do to help her. He scheduled a technician, Steve, to come out for a service call. Judi said that Steve was great! He fixed the issue and she was very, very happy with how her issue was taken care of. She wanted to let them both know how much she appreciated the help!
From Idaho Falls, in the customer’s words

Brad in Idaho Falls says his Internet is not only great, but he wanted the company to know how good his field technician Joe out of the Idaho Falls office was at the install. He said, “your tech Joe was fantastic! He knew what he was doing and did a great job of helping me understand how your Internet works, and was funny and very professional.”

From Arizona – Pleasant Autumn!

Our customer Cheryl from Arizona called to say how pleasant and helpful sales & services rep Autumn is! She said she always deals with Autumn and that is is comfort to know she still can work with her when calling SpeedConnect.

Good work Autumn!

Butte MT – “You may want to pay him double”

“The SpeedConnect representative from Missoula who came to Butte today to hook up my upgrades and phone was awesome! He called as stated, was on time, and was absolutely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

“Just a recommendation, but you may want to pay him double the pay he’s currently receiving!!! I have not had that level of service in a very long time. Also, your customer service and technical support is awesome…very helpful and professional to work with.”

Rural Wilton, Iowa – “I’m amazed”

“The service is absolutely phenomenal. I’m amazed that SpeedConnect is able to consistently deliver speeds at 7Mbs with virtually no lag time in rural Wilton.”

Sioux Falls – “Good for any business”

“We are a brand new business here in Sioux Falls, and from the moment I walked into SpeedConnect I knew it was a great company because of the friendly and professional customer service. They have an amazing product and the speeds of the Internet service have been more than enough to get any business up and running.”

Michigan – A story of “above and beyond”

“I called Saturday and my customer service agent was Marg. Marg was extremely patient with a good manner. Please pass my compliments along to Marg, as I believe she went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied. She represented SpeedConnect very well.

“The technician today was Courtney. Courtney called ahead to let me know he was coming as I requested, and arrived at the promised time. Courtney was very professional. He assured me that he would go through everything in attempt to resolve any issue. I figured that he would not. To my surprise, Courtney was very thorough. He did not take anything for granted, even though he suspected trees. Without getting into the details, at the end of his service call, his tweaks had doubled my Internet speed. Courtney was very professional, courteous and patient. Please pass my compliments along as I believe that Courtney went above and beyond.

“Please be assured that I was not prodded to send in these compliments. I just believe that more often than not you only hear about people when there are problems. I believe in recognizing someone when they go above and beyond.”

Stephen, Ecstatic SpeedConnect Customer

“No problems. I said it because I mean it. Love your service – it just works ALL the time!”

Kathy & Charlie, SpeedConnect Customers

Good Job Nate, Adam, Mark, Jason and Tiffany!

We want to thank your staff for their courteous service this past week in putting up the 4G modem and then fixing it when it failed. We have been with your company for a long time and haven’t had any problems…. Please let Nate, Adam, Mark, Jason and Tiffany know we appreciate how we were treated. Thanks again….

Herbert, SpeedConnect Customer for Life

Herbert is very happy! He has been with SpeedConnect for three years, and enjoys the service, tech support and speed. He has recommended SpeedConnect to his friends, because he said, “The technology means great connections and speed. SpeedConnect is about the best you can get and it’s affordable.” Herbert is a “computer guy” and a musician, and said SpeedConnect is great for his recording studio, for Skype, and for Netflix as well. He doesn’t have problems with buffering, and said he will always be a SpeedConnect customer. A customer for life!

Diane, Happy SpeedConnect Customer

Diane had Brandon come out for a service call. She couldn’t stop talking about how great of a job he did, how courteous and pleasant he is, and how quickly her service was working.

Diane said she can not say enough about Brandon!

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