The American Dream

SpeedConnect The American DreamThe origins of the phrase, “the American dream” date back to 1931 and author James Truslow Adams when writing his book, “The American Epic”:

The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

That each of us can dream, find opportunity, create something new, even start a business is truly one of America’s best ideological canons. It’s a core belief of thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs, myself included. My story is one of pursuit of the American Dream.

After graduating from Michigan State, I found a unique opportunity to build cable television local origination studios for a very young company called Continental Cablevision, producing what was (at that time) unheard of local programming on cable television. That then led to a great career in cable television, mostly in executive and general management positions, working for companies like Comcast and Adelphia and Mediacom – companies that we compete with today, interestingly. Along the way I went back to Michigan State, picked up an MBA in finance and eventually I found the realization that I wanted to start my own company. That was the dream.

So with what I had achieved and the abilities I had garnered along the way, and with the core belief in my American Dream, I began to build SpeedConnect.

I wanted to start my own company, quite frankly, because I thought I could do it better than the folks I worked for. It was never easy; making a dream into reality is hard – really hard. It requires an enormous amount of dedication when you run your own company. It requires an enormous amount of hours, it requires a lot of luck, it requires a lot of good people, it requires a culture, a brand, a way of doing things and none of that is available on day one. On day one there’s you.

The evolution of SpeedConnect has been about replacing the things that I did with people that do it better. In the beginning, I was the CFO the CEO the CTO, I was the installer, I climbed the towers and put the equipment up on the radio towers. We’ve enjoyed rapid growth over the last 15 years, by putting together a team of better and better people.

Ours is a unique industry in that it is deeply technical; it changes and advances very rapidly and the team must be not only folks who understand the technology, but also who are professionals in what they do. SpeedConnect delivers an IP address to our customers just like Verizon and Comcast and AT&T and Mediacom and dozens of others. And at its simplest form, that IP address enables people to do everything they want to do today – talk on the phone, find their way around on Google Maps, shop, watch Netflix, or send emails and pictures to the grandkids. It has become an essential part of life for almost all of us.

My American Dream – which I’ve been lucky enough to realize – is to be a quality, alternative choice to the “big guys” in delivering the nearly indispensable opportunities and life enhancement that internet access provides. I believe that what we do at SpeedConnect is all part of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

John Ogren
Founder and CEO

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